A fat belly is not only a cosmetic problem but also a health hazard.  

Belly fat is typically estimated based on the circumference of the belly, more specifically the size of the waist. A waistline of 102 cm in males or 88 cm in females is considered as a sign of belly fat. In fact, belly fat is associated with diabetes and many other cardiovascular conditions. Getting rid of belly fat offers great health benefits, helping you lead a much healthier life. 

It's totally possible to lose your belly fat at home with these 6 simple, backed-by-science methods: 

  1. Avoid sugar and say no to sodas

Needless to say, sugar is bad for your health. Many studies have shown that sugar can significantly interfere with the body’s metabolism. When you consume too much sugar, your liver may overwork and has to turn the excess fructose into fat. This increases the risk of accumulating fat in the abdomen and liver. In serious cases, liver and abdominal fat buildups can lead to insulin resistance and many other metabolic problems. 

On the other hand, soft drinks can cause even worse issues. The calories from this “liquid sugar” are not registered by the brain like other solid calories. Therefore, when you consume sweetened beverages, you will take in a massive amount of calories that is way more than your needed daily calories.  This is associated with a 60% increased risk of obesity in both children and adults. As a result, if you want to lose the extra weight, particularly those in your belly, your best bet is cutting down on sugar and also soft drinks. 

Make the switch to fruit juices as natural sugars not only are better for your metabolism but also work well to counter the negative effects of fructose. 

  1. Go for protein-rich foods – a smart strategy for losing belly fat

Protein is the most important nutrient for weight loss. It’s scientifically proven to help reduce 60% food cravings and promote the metabolism of 80-100% of your daily calorie intake. This means you can cut back up to 411 calories per day. 

If you’re aiming to lose weight, add more protein to your meals. Not only does this help you hit your desired weight goal but it also ensures you can maintain it afterwards. 

There is a growing body of evidence to support the benefits of protein in belly fat reduction. A recent study carried by expert nutritionists reveals that the more protein you have in your body, the less fat buildup your belly has. People who consume large amounts of good proteins have significantly less belly fat than those who don’t. This effect can last for 5 years. 

Therefore, try to include more protein-rich foods - such as eggs, fish, seafood, seeds, nuts, and dairy products - in your daily diet.  

  1. Remove carbohydrates from your diet

According to expert nutritionists, carbohydrates are one of the three main nutrients in charge of energy regeneration for the human body. The others are fat and protein. Those who want to lose weight need to limit their calorie intake. 

Limiting carbohydrate consumption plays a vital role in weight loss and belly fat reduction. People with a decreased carbohydrate intake experience poor appetite and begin to lose body weight. 

THEA has a look at the findings of 20 randomized experiments and found that dieters with a low-carb (low-energy) diet get 2 to 3 times better weight loss results than those with a low-fat diet. Also, a low-carb diet particularly aims to eliminate fat in the belly and liver. This speeds up the process of reducing belly fat. 

If you want quick weight loss, consider cutting down your carb to 50g a day. This will launch your body to a state of no appetite, pushing it to burn fat for “fuel”. 

  1. Have high-fiber food

Many nutritionists believe that fiber is a great booster for weight loss. However, the point is not all fibers are created equal. Only soluble or viscous fiber can speed up your weight loss process. 

Viscous fiber is the type of fiber that turns into a gel or vicious liquid when in contact with water. If you consume this fiber, you will feel fuller for longer, and hence, you will not feel the urge to eat as often, ending up lose belly fat. As estimated, taking in 14g of fiber a day for 4 consecutive months can help you lose 2kg of body weight. 

  1. Exercise for belly fat reduction

Exercising is beneficial for your overall well-being. It is the easiest thing you can do now for a long-lasting and healthy life. 

Nevertheless, keep in mind that doing belly fat targeting exercises alone won’t bring the results you expect. You need to also incorporate other full body weight loss exercises such as running, walking, or swimming. Moreover, doing aerobic exercises combined with yoga is also an effective and safe way to lose belly fat. 

  1. Monitor and measure your everyday foods

What and how much you eat plays a great role in your health and weight. Therefore, it is important to monitor the types and quantity of your food. 

Many people don’t pay enough attention to this step, though. Most of us only have a rough idea of what we eat, not the exact estimation. It is not that you have to keep count of everything for the rest of your life. By constantly keeping an eye on your food for about 2 weeks, you will come to realize what you need to adjust in your daily food portions.