Excess fat not only takes a toll on your health but also significantly docks off your appearance points. Excess fat causes belly fat, overweight, and obesity. Postpartum women or those who have shown signs of aging are most likely to experience excess fat.  Don’t let those extra fat cells get in your way of enjoying life!  At Thea Aesthetic Clinic, all fat problems can be solved. Thea’s Ultra Therapy Lifting uses dual radio frequency (RF) and focused ultrasound to heat up deep layers of fat yet still be gentle on the surface to avoid disrupting the skin structure. After the treatment, Thea guarantees you will get a fit and youthful body that looks totally different from your old one. What sets Ultra Therapy Lifting apart from other procedures
  • Improve your fitness as well as your skin
  • Enhance your health as well as your appearance
  • Get rid of sagging, loose skin
  • Work for all skin types
  • Eye area: 5,000,000 VND
  • Face area: 10,000,000 VND

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