You want to change or improve your skin tone, yet are afraid of going under the knife? At Thea Aesthetic Clinic, it’s totally possible to get that pure beauty with porcelain skin or a more modern aesthetic with healthy tanned skin. No matter what kind of complexion you prefer, Pura Bright Solution technology will help you even out your skin tone, making much softer and more youthful. Thea’s exclusive Pura Bright Solution is an effective cosmetic technology which has been approved by the FDA. This technology involves the use of a smart diagnosis system, new-gen LED lights, and misting technique, targeting each skin area with suitable light. Pura Bright Solution gets rid of uneven skin pigmentation. As this system works in harmony, it encourages the circulation of under-skin structures. This allows your skin to properly absorb nutrients, aiding with skin regeneration and overall skin health. Long-term benefits of Pura Bright Solution:
  • Improve skin tone and structure; significantly reduce freckles, age spots, melasma, and hyperpigmentation.
  • Moisturize and slow down the natural aging process.
  • Clinically proven to produce visible results after 2-4 weeks.
  • Work for all skin tones
  • Use safe medical-grade ingredients with no side effects
  • Thea guarantees to not include harmful ingredients such as Hydroquinone, Monobenzone, Kojic Acid.

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