Blast away stubborn body fat, get back the perfect curves

Inheriting and promoting the secret of modern weight loss therapy, Mesolipo delivers amazing effects with a mechanism that directly affects the enzymes and fat absorbers to reduce the size and number of fat cells.

For many people, particularly those with long-term fat deposits, getting rid of the extra fat is such an uphill battle. Conventional weight loss methods such as strict diet and strenuous exercise take a lot of time and effort but are quite slow to produce results.  On the other hand, diet teas come with underlying risks. Then, what is the key to fast, safe, and effective weight loss?

The answer is waiting for you at Thea Beauty & Wellness. Mesolipo for fat reduction guarantees to meet all your expectations. During the procedure, a doctor will inject the Mesolipo solution into the dermis, directly interfering with the enzymes and receptors in charge of regulating fat deposits and prevent the formation of new fat cells. This solution also dissolves old fat, allowing it to be excreted by natural body functions.

Moreover, Mesolipo is effective in encouraging skin cell turnover rates and the proliferation of connective tissues. This helps the skin become softer and firmer, improving cellulite caused by excess fat buildups. Mesolipo works best for people who want to remove excess fat on the waist, hips, arms, legs, thighs, back, and chin.

What are the major advantages of Mesolipo?

  • Blast away stubborn fat that builds up deeply under the skin over a long period of time
  • Create a more defined body contour, giving the appearance of attractive curves
  • Improve skin texture and cellulite
  • No pain or discomfort
  • Short recovery time - you can resume working and other daily activities rather quickly
  • Cost-efficient compared to other procedures
Service Unit Quantity Price Package/Notes
Mesolipo biological fat reduction
Small Area Treatment/Visit 1 6,000,000    Save 10 million total if bought in package of 10
Small Area Treatment/Visit 10 50,000,000
Large Area Treatment/Visit 1 10,000,000      20% discount if purchased in 10 sessions
Large Area Treatment/Visit 10 80,000,000

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