As you age, your skin starts to show wrinkles and sagging, particularly on your forehead and around your jaws. Once upon a time, the only choices were to live with it or get a face-surgery. However, the tables have turned!

Implant Thread Lift is a skin lifting technology using bio threads to quickly eliminate all signs of aging. This is one of Thea’s most advanced cosmetic technologies aiming to help women get back their firm, soft skin right after just 1-2 hours of nonsurgical treatment.

During a standard thread lift treatment, a cosmetic surgeon will guide extremely thin threads into target skin areas which have been mapped out beforehand. The linking points along the threads will stick to the skin tissues and pull them up, lifting the muscles and smooth out the skin. Most of the time, treated areas will show visible results instantly after treatment. The sagging will be gone and your skin will look more youthful than ever. After being tied, the threads will sink into your skin without leaving any traces.

Major advantages of Implant Thread Lift

  •  Instant results, no downtime
  •  Significant improvements in skin structure and contour
  •  Lifting neck skin and eyebrows; reducing cheek sagging
  •  No surgery required, guaranteed safety, no side effects
  •  Suitable for those with signs of premature aging
  •  Can be used in combination with Botox and Dermal Filler for better and more long-lasting results

Implant Thread Lift isn’t a good choice for those with unrealistic expectations, extensive aging, or extremely sensitive skin. If you have those problems, feel free to reach out. Thea’s experienced and dedicated doctors will recommend other treatments that work better for you.

Service Unit Quantity Price Package/Notes
Thread Lift Foreign expert surcharges 20%
Full Face Treatment/Visit 1 90,000,000
Chin Treatment/Visit 1 20,000,000
Cheeks Treatment/Visit 1 50,000,000
Forehead Treatment/Visit 1 20,000,000
Eye Treatment/Visit 1 20,000,000
Neck Treatment/Visit 1 30,000,000

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