Exclusively available at Thea Beauty & Wellness, Forever Bare BBL™ is a complete revolution in the field of permanent hair removal. Advantages of this procedure include short treatment time, guaranteed safety, optimal effectiveness, and low risk of complications. 

Looking at all the girls rocking sexy camisoles or showing off their flawless legs, you can’t help but wonder how you would look in those carefree outfits. But your thick body hair always sours the mood. Fortunately, Thea Aesthetic Clinic can help you break free from your body insecurities. Forever Bare BBL™ is a cosmetic procedure which offers permanent hair removal. Thanks to this technology, you can bid farewell to your razor, tweezers, wax, or hair removal cream.

A standard hair removal treatment at Thea usually involves a cosmetic expert directing BBL light through your skin, into each hair follicle to destroy the hair’s source of nutrition. Within 3 weeks, the follicles wither away, causing the hair to fall off on their own, not affecting the structures of the skin and other organs surrounding the follicles. Forever Bare BBL™ also provides hydration to protect the skin from dryness and hyperpigmentation. This not only keeps your skin soft and smooth but also prevent enlarged pores after treatment.

Major advantages of Forever Bare BBL™  for permanent hair removal

  • Working well for all body parts: face, underarms, arms, legs, chest, shoulders, back, and bikini part; effective for even the most stubborn types of hair.
  • Only 3-5 sessions required (one every 4-6 weeks) for permanent results.
  • Improving skin structure, bright and even skin tone, fading dark spots, firmer and healthier skin.
  • High efficiency and safety; quality approved by the US FDA before imported into Vietnam by Thea Beauty & Wellness.
Service Unit Quantity Price Package/Notes
BBL Hair Removal
Edge Treatment/Visit 1 500,000
Beard Treatment/Visit 1 1,000,000
Armpit Treatment/Visit 1 2,000,000
Bikini Treatment/Visit 1 2,000,000
Full Arm Treatment/Visit 1 3,000,000
Forearm Treatment/Visit 1 2,000,000
Lower Leg Treatment/Visit 1 3,000,000

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