Preserving eternal youth

Combining modern technology and ancient beauty secrets with pure 24k gold, Gold Mask Therapy will remove blemishes, nourish and regenerate skin beauty, prevent aging effectively.

At any age, our skin is easy to encounter many problems such as acne, bruises, melasma, freckles, large pores due to many factors, from the pollution unhealthy living diet to inappropriate skincare process... From the age of 30, the skin becomes more sensitive and needs to have more carefully cared.

Pure gold has been scientifically proven for its abilities to promote skin cell regeneration from deep inside, improve elasticity and reduce defects due to aging. The nobles and the ancient kings had used gold masks to preserve their youth. Now, this method is improved and more effective.

Gold Mask Therapy consists of 3 steps combining the secret of Egyptian queen Cleopatra with pure gold mask and exclusive modern technology will regenerate your skin. 

  • Laser Revlite is the choice for those who want to get rid of melasma, hyperpigmentation, freckles, age spots as well as minimize pores, treat inflamed acne, and eliminate wrinkles.
  • Exilis Elite blasts away excess fat, effectively reduces sagging and creates a more defined facial contour without the need for surgery. Results are visible right away after treatment. 
  • 24K Gold Mask removes dead skin cells and lead buildup over time, improves skin elasticity and speeds up healing. 24K gold mask improves the skin’s natural moisture content up to 10 times. This is important to slow down aging and help skin stay soft and smooth.

Service Unit Quantity Price Package/Notes
Gold Mask 24K
Gold Mask 24K Treatment/Visit 1 8,000,000 62.5% discount if purchased in 10 sessions
Gold Mask 24K Treatment/Visit 10 30,000,000
Combo Gold Mask 24K Treatment/Visit 1 20,000,000 20% discount if purchased in 5 sessions
Combo Gold Mask 24K Treatment/Visit 5 80,000,000

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