Naturally bright and smooth skin elevates the elegance of your facial structures which you once took pride in during the early years of your life. Unfortunately, beauty is fleeting and no one is above the laws of aging. 

At the age of 25, you may start to notice signs of fatigue and deterioration on your skin. Unevenness, acne, wrinkles, melasma, freckles, and other skin woes gradually take away your youthful radiance. It’s a result of all the negative impacts of your environment, food, anxiety, hormonal imbalances, and unhealthy lifestyle. How to shield your beauty from the brute force of time? Have you ever heard of BBL Forever Young - Genetic rejuvenation, youthfulness preservation?

As the name suggests, BBL Forever Young is a cosmetic therapy using technology to keep your genes young. This is the latest advancement in smart light treatment. BBL Forever Young has been certified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be effective in preventing aging signs related to genes and skin cells.

BBL Forever Young - Genetic rejuvenation, youthfulness preservation is an exclusive therapy only available at Thea. It’s guaranteed to improve all of your skin problems and help you maintain your youthful, radiant appearance. BBL Forever Young involves flashing pulses of light energy from a flash lamp through a glass prism to create different treatment wavelengths that target every skin layer. This major advantage allows BBL Forever Young to treat most skin problems. 

BBL Forever Young rids the skin of melasma, freckles, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and discoloration, revealing rejuvenated skin that’s free from any signs of time.

What’s even better about this treatment? It only takes 10 minutes. With the help of technology, nothing is impossible. There’s really nothing stopping you from looking ten years younger than your actual age.

Service Unit Quantity Price Package/Notes
BBL skin rejuvenation
BBL skin rejuvenation Treatment/Visit 1 8,000,000

25% discount if purchased in 5 sessions

BBL skin rejuvenation Treatment/Visit 5 30,000,000
BBL Acne Treatment Treatment/Visit 1 5,000,000

20% discount if purchased in 5 sessions

BBL Acne Treatment Treatment/Visit 5 20,000,000

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