Having a soft and smooth bikini area is the common dream of many women. Unfortunately, bikini hair removal is such a hassle and not everyone knows how to do it properly.

Have you heard about laser treatment for hair removal? Can it be performed on the bikini area? Together with Thea, let’s read on to find more information about this procedure through a woman’s first-hand experience with bikini laser hair removal!

Ms. X.A (currently living in District 5, HCMC) got her first bikini laser hair removal treatment at Thea Aesthetic Clinic.

During my teenage years, I found out that I had very stubborn ingrowns on my bikini area. I tried waxing, shaving, and using hair removal cream, but nothing worked for me. After the hair was gone, large pores became more visible and made me even more self-conscious. I wished I could wear those sexy bikinis. And my wish came true the day I heard of Waxon laser treatment, a method using laser beams to target bikini hair”, she recalled.

What is laser hair removal?

Before getting laser treatment, I talked to an expert aesthetician at Thea to see if bikini laser hair removal works for me or not. I was worried that using lasers in this intimate area would be too painful. To my surprise, it wasn’t. My aesthetician told me there would still be discomfort, but it’s not as serious as I feared because the laser tool has a cooling nozzle to minimize any burning that the laser may have caused.

Laser treatment not only works for bikini hair removal but it’s also effective in treating underarm odor, getting rid of melasma, and lightening skin tone, etc.

I was asked to stop using other hair removal methods at least 4 weeks prior to the first laser treatment. Besides, I was also required to shave my bikini area the night before or on the morning of my first session. That wasn’t easy because I had to bend down to make sure all the hair was gone. My aesthetician told me to be patient since proper shaving would help me achieve optimal results.

During my first session, the skin tone on my bikini area was measured with a special device by a doctor. Then, this doctor put these measurements into the laser machine. She also asked me some questions about my hair color and density, then input everything.

I was instructed to wear protective goggles while she directed the laser beams on my bikini area. I braced myself for the pain, but it turned out to be unnecessary. Just like I was told, the laser head was quite cooling. It felt like a small plastic strip moving gently on my skin. This lasted for around 15 minutes. By then, the laser had completely destroyed my hair follicles.

A few days later, when the hair grew back, I could get rid of them with ease. After 3 months of treatment, the hair on my bikini area where was treated directly with laser energy could no longer grow back. I didn’t know my skin could get this soft and smooth.

For bikini laser hair removal to take full effect, my doctor asked me to return to the clinic once every 6 months. By now, I’ve completed 3 treatment sessions at Thea. My ingrowns have decreased by 95% and I’m happy with my results.

According to my doctor, my struggle with bikini hair wasn’t a rare case at all. As life gets better, women also hold themselves to higher beauty standards. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be more confident and attractive. This is where laser hair treatment comes into play. This procedure works for most cases of unwanted hair.

During the first few treatment sessions, laser beams break down almost all the hair follicles so there’s no chance of hair growing back. Doctors believe that if you stick to your treatment schedule for a year, you may say goodbye to bikini hair for good. Nevertheless, this isn’t one-size-fits-all. As everyone has a different hair follicle structure, results may vary as well.

How to take care of your skin after bikini laser hair removal?

  Take care of your skin after bikini laser hair removal

It’s best to consult with the expert in charge of your treatment for recovery recommendations. This means the first thing to do is picking a reliable beauty clinic. It’s your best shot at a well-trained, experienced doctor.

During the first week after treatment, do your best to avoid anything that involved swimming since your skin is still extremely vulnerable, making it much more prone to infection and irritation.

Many women make the mistake of traveling and wearing sexy bikinis right after laser hair removal. This lack of proper recovery takes a toll on the bikini area. The UV rays from the sun may cause burning and hyperpigmentation. If you still want to travel shortly after laser hair removal, make sure to limit your sun exposure to avoid doing harm to this sensitive and delicate area.

Another thing to keep in mind when taking care of the bikini area is to steer clear of tight underwear as it’s likely to cause soreness and discomfort. Cotton underwear is recommended since it can stretch and absorb moisture well. The first few days after bikini laser hair removal, opt for dresses instead of tight jeans to make sure your bikini area is as comfortable and well-ventilated as possible.