Come now!!! Get Gold Mask 4D Combo - Queen Cleopatra's glorious golden beauty treatment

mặt nạ vàng 24k

Wrinkles, saggy skin, hurt by sunlight, melasma, freckles,... are women's biggest nightmare after the age of 25. Besides using skincare products, they also search for many beauty treatments or therapies to maintain their youthful look. One of those is skin detoxifying, brightening, anti-aging Gold Mask Therapy.

Over thousands of years, gold has been claimed to not only cure sickness but also help heal skin damages and fight old age. Gold has the ability to prevent bacteria and also stimulate collagen production in skin, therefore helps fight the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Some other benefits of gold nano to the skin are:

  • Reduce red spots and treat acne: Beside anti-inflammation, gold also has antioxidant attributes which helps soothe redness, reduce acne and other skin sensitivity.
  • Skin whitening: Gold restrains the production of melanin - the main factor which causes melasma and uneven skin tone.
  • Increase skin elasticity: When old age comes, skin starts to lose elasticity which eventually leads to sagginess. Gold breaks elastin and restores the skin's firmness.
  • Handle damages caused by ultraviolet rays: Gold is well-known for its ability to stop damages caused by ultraviolet rays on the skin.

The good news is you won't be needing help from goldsmiths to create these masks. With modern technology and ancient beauty treatment using pure 24k gold, THEA's Gold Mask Therapy will erase blemishes, nourish and revive the skin and effectively prevent aging.

Gold Mask Therapy Process

Gold Mask Therapy consists of 3 combinations of  Queen Cleopatra's secret gold mask beauty treatment and the modern technologies at THEA. The purpose of this therapy is to shower your skin with youthful flawless beauty.

Step 1: Laser Revlite will erase all melasma, freckles, pigmentation, minimize pores, acne inflammation, reduce wrinkles, as well as stimulate the production of collagen, restore whiteness and return youthful, smooth skin.

Step 2: Exilis Elite will erase fat and solve sagginess, regenerate facial contours, toning, safe without surgery, bring about muscle lifting effect - reduce fat right after treatment.

Step 3: 24k gold mask will clear dead skin cells and long-term lead toxin, stimulate skin regenerating process, improves elasticity and heal damages, increase the skin's natural moisture by 10 times, prevent aging and bring smoothness like a baby.

When will you see results?

mặt nạ vàng cho da đẹp

The result of this therapy can be seen immediately with great improvements in firmness and reduction of wrinkles and fine lines. Besides, your skin will look brighter and won't have an uneven tone, which helps you become younger and more radiant.

Long-term benefits

After using Gold Mask Therapy for a long time, you will see great improvements on the skin. The reason is collagen, antioxidants, and minerals are provided regularly to skin cells which helps to nourish the skin to look young and smooth just like the twenties.

Besides, you will see wrinkles and fine lines start to reduce, melasma and pigmentation caused by sunlight will fade through time. The skin becomes firmer and you will be surprised at the shocking changes that this therapy brings.

How much is Gold Mask Therapy?

The cost for one Gold Mask Therapy at THEA Clinic is 20.000.000 VND.

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