Just by looking at your body and your face, people can tell a lot about you. Your appearance, in one way or another, will leave a lasting impression on others, affecting the way they perceive you.

You’ve probably tried everything to improve the way you look.

However, there’s one thing you have very little control over: your ever-growing facial fat. This extra fat makes you feel self-conscious and unhappy. But what can you do about it?

While diet and exercise are great to reduce fat on many body parts, the fat nested on your face, neck, chin, and jaw contour is pretty much immune to those strategies.

This kind of stubborn fat not only couldn’t care less about your strict diet, but it also has no problem standing its ground against high-intensity workouts. 

Now, it’s time for you to consider facial liposuction, an advanced cosmetic procedure, to get rid of this annoying extra fat.

What is facial liposuction?

According to Dr. … at Thea, a luxury aesthetic clinic, liposuction is a general term refers to the surgical removal of unwanted fat cells from the body.

This treatment provides a naturally elegant contour for the body. Similarly, facial liposuction uses modern technology and equipment to eliminate excess fat from your face, making your facial structures, particularly the jawline, appear more toned and defined. 

During the procedure, your surgeon will make a small incision in a less visible spot near your ears or under your chin, Then, they will use a syringe or a pump attached to a small tube called the cannula to extract the fat cells. The final step is stitching up the incision to get a more attractive and youthful face. 

Results often appear quicker in younger patients compared to older patients as their fat cells are more resistant to treatment.

In addition, older patients also need more time to recover after surgery. Dr…. advise older patients to combine facial liposuction with a face-lift or brow-lift for optimal results. These procedures can be performed in one sitting. 

Facial liposuction may change your appearance dramatically. However, it’s not for everyone. It’s best to contact a certified high-end beauty clinic to be evaluated for eligibility. Read on to get ideas about the questions you should ask a beauty clinic before getting facial liposuction.

Who are the best candidates for facial liposuction?

Most men and women who are not happy about their facial fat may consider facial liposuction.

You are eligible for this procedure if you are in good health, have good skin elasticity, and have facial fat deposits disproportionate to the rest of your body. Your cosmetic surgeon will assess you to see if you fit the bill.

Is the result of facial liposuction permanent?

Naturally, the human body produces more fat cells after puberty. When you put on weight, those fat cells prosper all over your body, your face included. Facial liposuction can help you keep this development at bay. 

If you continue to put on weight after getting facial liposuction, the fat cells left in your body will still grow.

However, your face won’t be affected much. After all, no fat removal procedure can promise permanent results. It’s important to keep your weight under control even after facial liposuction to maintain your good look.

Do I need to return for a follow-up?

Most of the time, you just need to go through facial liposuction one time and you can go home right afterward. However, if your surgeon believes there are reasons to be concerned, you may need to come back for one or more follow-ups. Besides, patients who want to get more procedures to fine-tune other details or maintain their results may come back a few times after the first appointment.

How to take care of yourself after facial liposuction?

The changes resulting from facial liposuction may help you leave a strong impression every time you show up. 

The most important thing to do after facial liposuction is to ask your surgeon for diet recommendations. This helps speed up your recovery and encourage wound healing. During this period, it’s best to avoid strenuous exercises. 

You may still use your facial cleanser and moisturizer. But remember to vigorous rubbing while cleansing your face or applying moisturizer. Use gentle tapping motions so your wound isn’t affected. 

What will the recovery period be like?

After facial liposuction, you can go home right away, but you need to rest for at least 24 hours. During this period, you may still be under the effects of anesthesia.

But you will soon experience pain and bruising in the surgical site. Pain and swelling can be relieved with cold compression.

Most patients who have had facial liposuction at Thea can resume their daily activities 2-4 days after the procedure.