Having sightly, youthful looking vagina boosts your confidence in bed. Receiving intimate skin whitening not just shows that you care about your beauty. It’s also a positive sign of self-care and self-appreciation.

How to lighten your intimate area safely?

Intimate skin whitening is a “beauty secret” of many women. There are plenty of reasons why a person wants to lighten their intimate area. The biggest one among these is for the sake of their marriage and sex life.

How does intimate whitening treatment work?

First off, we need to understand that intimate whitening treatment is similar to vagina whitening treatment. You may be thinking that it will hurt or people will apply some kind of whitener onto your vagina, all of which are not true. Intimate whitening treatment is nothing like removing the dark stains off your clothes with household bleach – it uses professional cosmetic products to change the color of your vagina in the most natural way.

If you are not comfortable with the color of your vagina, there’s nothing wrong with changing it! Many factors can lead to vaginal discoloration, including hormonal changes after pregnancy, the aging process, or excessive rubbing due to tight underwear.

No matter what the cause is, it makes you feel self-conscious about your vagina.

The good news is, today’s modern cosmetic technology has created many procedures to lighten the skin on your intimate area.

Discoloration of the vagina is typically caused by overproduction of melanin.

This process needs to be inhibited in order to change your vagina’s color, which can be done with intimate whitening creams. These will inhibit the key enzyme tyrosinase, interfering with the natural production of melanin.

The amount of melanin produced will decrease over time, which means your vagina will look lighter and even more toned.

Consider the following 3 things before deciding to choose between at-home or professional in-office intimate whitening treatment.

1. At-home intimate whitening treatment

Not everyone is comfortable with having another person touching their private parts, even though it is for treatment purposes. These people usually prefer to whitening their vagina at home by themselves.

First off, find a suitable intimate whitening cream. There are many types of these on the market and you need to check the brand and ingredients carefully to see if there is anything dangerous to avoid.

Before performing the procedure, find a cream that serves as both a whitener and a melanin inhibitor for the best results. Thea’s experts recommend choosing a cream with mild whitening agents to exfoliate the skin on your intimate area. According to Dr… (Thea’s doctor), the activated ingredients in intimate whitening creams will cause some contraction and peeling on the skin surface to lighten the skin. That enables the whitening agents to work better.

The moisturizing property of the intimate whitening cream is also of great importance. If there is not enough moisture, the vulnerable surface skin of the vagina is likely to get irritated, red, and itchy.

Thea would like to advise you to stay away from products containing hydroquinone. This is a comparatively common ingredient found in intimate whitening creams yet there has been scientific evidence showing that it can cause cancer. Moreover, be careful when using perfume on your vagina as it can result in severe vaginal irritation.

Checking the information, ingredients, and manufacturers of the products is important for your genital health and the results of at-home whitening treatment. As Thea has mentioned above, there are many products serving this purpose on the market but not all of them are right for you. Therefore, take the time to do this step properly.

If you have found a product but also there are bad experiences or allergic reactions associated with it, consider carefully before making a purchase. It is best that you ask your doctor or a specialist for recommendations.

  1. In-office intimate whitening treatment

At professional clinics, the specialists will also apply a cream on your vagina.

This procedure takes about 20 minutes and you may need follow-ups depending on the severity of discoloration and your preferred degree of whitening. Most specialists will advise you to stick with this procedure for about 8 weeks.

Receiving professional care at a beauty clinic means you have agreed to other people touching your private area. Therefore, choose a reliable center that you feel completely comfortable with.

If you have any unsatisfactory experiences regarding professionalism, privacy, and respect for customers at one clinic, do not hesitate to leave immediately.

In addition, be sure to ask for details about the ingredients in the whitening cream used. You have the right to know exactly what is being used on your body.

If the clinic is not straightforward and unwilling to discuss it with you, there may be problems regarding their quality and expertise.

  1. Laser intimate whitening treatment

This option provides changes in vaginal skin color over the shortest time even though you may feel some pain and need to be put under local anesthesia before the procedure.

The numbing effect of the anesthetics will last for a few weeks but the results are not necessarily the same for every case.

Please note that this procedure also requires another person to touch your private parts. If you are not comfortable with that, laser treatment may not be right for you.

Whether you choose to whiten your private part at home or at a beauty clinic, keep in mind that the results won’t be the same for every case.

The reason behind this is each person holds a different complexion, skin tone, and melanin level. No beauty clinics can guarantee that all your expectations are met and there is no cream that can do such a thing, either.

However, these options will have a certain effect on improving your vagina’s color by rejuvenating and giving it a lighter shade, which is always better than doing nothing