“It’s a weird feeling, like when you tried lifting your eyebrows but they don’t move.”

It’s something undeniable, not just on the media but also with people who have gotten botox. Do you think you want to give it a try? Do other women like this beauty solution with botox?

When I was 28 years old, I drank a lot of alcohol and stayed up late constantly. I also went to sleep in my full face of makeup. This went on for a long time and started to wreaked havoc on my appearance. 

As a beauty editor with years of experience on the job, I was no stranger to the idea of botox as a cosmetic treatment. It didn’t leave me with too many questions either, as I knew this treatment was intended for people over the age of 28. By then, I was imagining various worst-case scenarios such as my overwhelming workload and all the tasks I wouldn’t be able to finish once I started botox. But it’s not the case at all. What really would happen with people just starting their botox treatment?

The area on my face receiving most of my concern was my forehead. This spot is also the most suitable targeted area for botox injection in people under 30 years old. After spending too much time in the sun during the holidays, the fine lines on my forehead got deeper and stood out. That’s why I had to muster all my understanding about botox and decided to go with it. Here’s what I’ve learned:

  1. Age isn’t relevant

It didn’t take a lot of convincing to get me to one of the most reputable beauty centers to talk to Dr. [Name of THEA’s doctor] - an expert in botox treatment. After filling out a short consultation form, I was asked about my age. Once she learned that I was 28 years old, the doctor smiled and told me that I wasn’t her youngest client (pronounce use is subject to change) in botox therapy. However, she let me know she only treated those who could actually benefit from treatment. The most important thing was she really understood the expectations of her clients.

So, what’s the best age for botox? The answer is none. There’s no best age for botox treatment. The age recommendations for botox vary as each individual has a different muscle system. Dr. [Name of THEA’s doctor] said: “If a 21-year-old with deep wrinkles goes to me, I’ll help them deal with those. However, if another 21-year-old with no visible fine lines pays a visit, I’ll send them off!”

Most professionals agree that botox treatment also plays the role of a preventative measure for young people because it can protect the skin and prevent the formation of wrinkles. Botox softens and temporarily freezes the muscles. This means the injection site will stay flat. The fine lines on your forehead will disappear sometime after treatment. 

  1. Different dosages for different people

After I told Dr. [Name of THEA’s doctor] that I didn’t want my forehead to look too rigid due to the freezing reaction after botox injection, she agreed to give my forehead only 10 units (the standard dosage ranges from 10 - 25 units). The session started with me lying down on a bed in her treatment room. I frowned and raised my eyebrows so she could inject me in 6 points on my forehead and in the middle of my brows with a prepared dosage of botox.

  1. I felt a little pain during injection

It felt exactly like your forehead was poked by a needle. The way it’s administered was very fast and skillful. However, it still gave me some discomfort as the aesthetician wiped off my blood. 

  1. Exercising isn’t recommended after botox injection

I got plenty of professional advice after botox treatment. If it’s your first time trying botox, you just need to stay in position for 20 minutes so the botox solution can absorb into your muscles. I think you should stand or sit upright during that time frame. If you fail to do so, you may not see any difference afterwards. However, they also told me not to do any strenuous exercises, avoid extremely hot weather, and be careful when washing my face. You should definitely not scrub the injection site.

  1. A few bruises in the injection site

After botox injection, there were a few light, red spots on my forehead. I canceled all of my scheduled appointments. The bruises from botox injection may make you uncomfortable, depending on how sensitive your skin is. After treatment, I got a mild headache. It felt like I’d had my swimming cap on for several days. However, the pain went away on its own after a few hours. You won’t need to take painkillers.

If your headache persists over 48 hours or if it’s accompanied by unusual signs such as nausea or vision problems (which are quite rare), you should contact the doctor or aesthetician in charge of your treatment.

  1. It takes 3-5 days to see the difference

You won’t be able to notice any visible difference right after treatment. The result will take 3-5 days to show up. Nevertheless, it may take up to 2 weeks for the injection to reach its maximum effect. In my case, my forehead started to change after 3 days. But it’s not until a week later that my forehead fully felt frozen. It’s like when you try to raise your eyebrows but nothing moves.

  1. Not many people will notice the changes on your face

The one who reacted most strongly after I got botox treatment was my mom - the one closest to me. She didn’t hesitate to tell me that I looked sick and pale. But after I told her I’d just received botox injection in my forehead, she seemed to approve of my decision. She told me: “Oh! You really needed it. Now you look youthful, like you’ve just had a good night sleep.”

My boyfriend complimented me, too. That was quite strange for me, but also exactly what I got after botox. I just wanted to be more beautiful and youthful. And I’ve got just that! 

  1. The effect may last for 3-5 months

The professional advised me to not overexert myself to get the best results. I was also told to avoid tobacco products, alcohol, stress, and prolonged sun exposure. Those may cause my collagen to break down sooner, decreasing the durability of my botox injection. They also recommended that I use an antioxidant serum and an SPF 50 sunscreen.

The effect of each botox treatment may last from 3 - 5 months. This depends on your muscle health, metabolism, and personal lifestyle.

  1. The costs vary on a case by case basis

Although botox treatment has become quite popular in the beauty industry, it’s still important to find a professional with the expertise and experience required to carry out the procedure. Such a professional will asks for a higher price, though.

Before getting botox injection, I’d read tons of online reviews on social media. After extensive research, I was sure that I’d found a safe place. After treatment, everything will be crystal clear on your face. Therefore, be a smart consumer and pick a place with extensive expertise and experience in botox treatment.