When it comes to losing weight, the images of women working out hard and eating only fruits and veggies always come to our minds. However, they often lack vitality and there’s no guarantee that they will actually lose weight.

It’s believed that weight loss is next to impossible without a healthy diet and exercise. Yet, here comes one fun fact: there are real, proven ways to lose weight without having a strict diet or going to the gym every day.

Let Thea Aesthetic Clinic let you in on the 9 secrets of losing weight without diet or exercise!

1. Eat red foods or use red plates

As strange as it might sound, there have been many studies showing that red foods or red plates can reduce your food cravings. The explanation can be that the red color is associated with warnings or stop signals, and, hence, the person will eat less by instinct.

A recent experiment involved giving participant biscuits on plates of different colors. It turned out that those who got the red plates ate less than the others.

2. Switch from short, wide glasses to tall, thin ones

Another interesting scientifically-proven fact is that if you drink from a tall glass, you will drink less by 25-30%. An American scientist has explained that it is like an optical illusion that deceives the brain. He has also proved that even professional bartenders have the tendency to pour more drink to short, wide glasses than tall, thin ones.

3. Keep unhealthy foods out of sight

Keep unhealthy foods out of sight

If you have high-calorie and low-nutrient foods in your sight, you might have more extra weight than those who keep only fruits visible. The problem here is eye-catching, attractive foods (but not healthy) usually increases your hunger and cravings and poses great “temptation”. Therefore, try to make sure that only healthy foods can catch your eye at home.

4. Have plenty of protein

Your hunger will be gone quickly after you have had protein-rich foods. Nutritionists say that if you increase your daily protein intake by 15%, you will eat about 440 calories less. Just like that, you can lose from 3 to 5 kg a month without restricting any other types of foods.

Foods with large amounts of protein include chicken, red meats, fish, eggs, cheese, and types of beans.

5. Chew mint gums when you start to feel hungry

The mint flavor helps reduce your tasting functions and food cravings. Therefore, when you start to feel hungry, chew a sugarless mint-flavored gum to escape from the “temptation” to dig in unhealthy foods or a fast meal consisting of dishes that are not beneficial for your weight loss goals.

6. Add ice cubes to drinks

All the foods and drinks we consume provide the body with a certain amount of energy to burn calories. Did you know that ice also helps the body burn calories from foods? If you want to lose weight without harsh dieting and strenuous exercise, add some ice cubes to your everyday drinks such as tea, coffee, fruit juices, or cocktails.

7. Sleep more

A 2013 study published in a health and beauty magazine has shown that people who sleep less than 6 hours a day tend to eat more calorie-rich foods and gain more weight than those who get enough sleep. Try to go to bed early and get adequate sleep, from 7 to 8 hours per day.

8. Buy small-size clothes

Buy a new skirt or a pair of jeans in smaller sizes and hang them somewhere that is most visible to you around the house. This helps remind you of your desired weight loss goals.

9. Call your weight loss “allies”

Asking a friend to lose weight together or taking part in a group of people who also want to lose weight can make your effort towards the ideal body weight easier and more interesting. Statistically, if you stick to your weight loss goals with a person or a group of people holding the same purposes, the time needed to achieve the desired weight can be reduced by 20%.