The underarms are very sensitive body parts. It’s best to choose a suitable hair removal method so you can feel most comfortable. Shaving is a common method used by most people because it’s fast and convenient.

Other than that, you can also use a hair removal cream to get rid of your underarm hair painlessly. However, if you want it to be both painless and permanent, electrolysis is what you should try.

Let’s read on to figure out the pros and cons of each underarm hair removal method!

Method 1: Shaving

  1. Damp your underarms with warm water to make the shaving process easier and gentler. You may try shaving while you’re taking a shower. If you tend to develop ingrown hairs, exfoliate your underarms. If you have sensitive skin, remove your underarm hair at night so your skin has more time to rest up.
  1. Lift your arm over your head and keep that position. This will stretch your skin, helping you avoid cuts or burns while shaving.
  1. Cover all of your hair with a shaving cream so you can shave it off more easily. Without shaving cream, you’re more likely to get burns or cuts while shaving. If you don’t have a shaving cream handy, you may use some shampoo or conditioner instead.
  1. Use a new and sharp razor to remove your underarm hair because old razors increase your risk of post-shaving infection.
  1. Shave in the direction of hair growth to make sure you get all of your hair effectively.
  1. Clean your underarm thoroughly after shaving and repeat on the other underarm.
  1. Wait one or two hours after shaving before using any deodorant. Shaving might have left some minor cuts on your skin. Thus, you should allow them time to heal before applying deodorant to prevent itching or hives caused by an allergy.

Method 2: Use a hair removal cream

  1. Choose a hair removal cream that’s intended for sensitive skin:

Each type has its own advantages. Choose something suitable for yourself based on your own needs. Start with one that’s mild and increase the strength gradually so your sensitive underarms can adapt.

  1. Clean your underarms before hair removal:

This step allows you to rinse off deodorant and sweat to get optimal hair removal results. After that, dry your armpits by gently dabbing them with a towel.

  1. Lift your arm over your head:

Make sure your armpit is nicely stretched. Place your arm somewhere comfortable enough that you can keep it there during the whole hair removal process.

  1. Apply the cream to the entire area with hair:

Don’t try to spread hair removal cream to surrounding areas as it’s useless to do so. You just need to get the cream on areas that need hair removal.

  1. Wait for the hair removal cream to work: 

Keep your arm upright while the cream is working its magic. Most hair removal creams require 3 - 10 minutes to work. You shouldn’t let the cream stay on your skin any longer than the time recommended by the manufacturer. If this is your first time using a hair removal cream, you should wash it off right after using to make sure it won’t cause you a rash or any allergic reactions. When you first apply a hair removal cream, you may experience a mild tingling feeling, but it shouldn’t be too painful. If you experience pain or burning, stop using immediately.

  1. Repeat with the other arm:

You should repeat the whole hair removal process with the other arm just like how you have done with this arm.

  1. Wait for a few hours after using a hair removal cream before applying any deodorant:

This gives your skin some time to recover after being exposed to the chemicals in the cream and reduces your risk of getting an allergic reaction from deodorants.

 Method 3: Use a wax

  1. This method is for underarm hair around 1.3 cm long:

It’s the length for which waxing works best. If your hair is shorter than that, the wax can’t hold onto it. If your hair is longer, it may become messy while you apply the wax. If you need to use this hair removal method, you should wait a few days so your hair grows a bit longer or trim it to an appropriate length.

  1. Prepare a waxing kit:

Any wax can be helpful when it comes to getting rid of your underarm hair. Most hair removal kit has an accompanying tube of wax. Before using, you should heat up the wax and put some of it on the back of your hand to test the temperature before spreading it on your armpits. 

  1. Exfoliate and wash your armpits:

Use a cream or a loofah to get rid of underarm dirt and dead skin cells. This will make the whole hair removal process become easier and prevent the risk of infection.

  1. Hold your arm up over your head:

Lift your arm as high as you can so your underarm skin is stretched nicely. This helps push out the hair strands, letting you remove them quickly and painlessly.

  1. Use the wax and a strip of cloth:

Dip the brush included in the kit into the wax. Then, spread a small amount of wax on your armpit in the direction of hair growth. Place a strip of cloth on that wax layer and gently press down so it sticks to the wax.

  1. Quickly peel the cloth off your armpit:

Do this step in the opposite direction of hair growth. You have to make it quick because if you’re too slow, the wax won’t be able to pull off all of your hair. That’s not to mention a slow motion will give you even more pain.

If you find it hard to pull the cloth, your underarm probably wasn’t stretched enough. Now, you may try folding your elbow and fingers to stretch the area and use your other hand to quickly peel the cloth off.  

  1. Repeat this process until all of your underarm hair is gone:

Depending on how much hair you have, you may repeat 2 to 3 times until the whole hair removal process is complete. Do it on your first underarm then move to the second underarm. Finally, you may use a tweezers to pluck any short remaining strands.

  1. Use coconut oil or almond oil:

After waxing to speed up the recovery of your underarm skin.This also helps you get rid of any wax residue.

  1. Wait for a few hours before using deodorant:

If you use waxing for underarm hair removal, this area will be irritated. It’s best to wait for your skin to heal before using deodorant.

Method 4: Use an epilator

armpit hair removal

  1. To use this method, you must make sure that your hair isn’t any longer than a few millimeters.
  1. Dry your armpits with a bit of baby powder: Baby powder not only dries your underarms but also helps you get rid of any dirt when you use the epilator.
  1. Lift your arm up over your head and keep it straight to stretch out your underarm. If you don’t do this, the epilator may hurt you where your skin isn’t properly stretched.
  1. Put the epilator on the lowest setting so it’s easier for you to adapt when changing into higher settings.
  1. Let the epilator run gently on your skin. Make sure to keep it away from your skin until you’re used to the feeling of having a bunch of hair pulled off.
  1. After you’re used to it, you may put the epilator on higher settings and place it closer to your underarm skin. Now, the epilator can help you get rid of any short remaining strands.
  1. Repeat on the other arm: Start with a low setting then move on to stronger settings. Go on until you are satisfied with the result the epilator gives you.
  1. Soothe your skin with aloe vera or coconut oil: After using the epilator, your skin may get red or irritated. Aloe vera or coconut oil will help you feel better.
  1. Wait for a few hours before using any deodorant because if you apply a deodorant right away, the chemicals may cause redness or tingling.

Method 5: Hair removal with electrolysis 

  1. You should visit an aesthetic clinic to get electrolysis. Remember to pick a reputable center to receive consultation about appropriate hair removal procedures. Electrolysis is the only permanent underarm hair removal procedure using chemical or heat energy to destroy all the hair follicles.
  2. The first electrolysis session may last from 15 minutes to one hour. How you feel during the process depends on how much hair you have. However, you may need more follow-ups to complete the whole electrolysis session.
  1. Take care of your underarms with professional instructions after electrolysis: You will experience redness and swelling of the underarms after the first session. Thus, you will be given instructions on how to take care of them with aloe vera or an ointment provided by the aesthetic clinic.