The very first step to healthy, plump lips is proper care. Adopt a balanced diet, practice healthy lifestyle habits, and moisturize your lips regularly to keep them beautiful from within.

When your lips are healthy, you can glow them up with a lip balm or lipstick to earn yourself a number of attractiveness points.

Read on to learn 3 simple yet effective tips to keep your lips beautiful:

I. Always moisturize your lips

1. Exfoliate your lips

You probably know about the benefits of exfoliating your body. So, don’t forget to give your lips a good rub as well! The delicate skin on your lips is prone to dryness and peeling due to the habit of using lipsticks daily and other external factors. As a result, your lips need to be exfoliated regularly to stay plump. Gently massage your lips with a thin cloth or a soft bristle brush to remove the dead skin cells.

Keep in mind that lip skin is extremely thin, so do your best to be gentle. Vigorous rubbing may cause pain and damage that can’t be seen with the naked eye. You may use a mixture of honey and sugar to exfoliate your lips more easily and effectively.

2. Give your lips a moisture boost

After you exfoliate your lips, apply a lip balm to keep them soft. It’s best to go for lip balms with natural ingredients such as aloe vera, bee wax, coconut oil or avocado oil, etc. These are good for the skin on your lips and not harmful for your body if you accidentally swallowed them while eating.

Avoid products containing alcohol or salicylic acid as they may cause your lips to dry, peel, or become irritated.

3. Protect your lips from extremely hot or cold temperatures

Extreme weather conditions are likely to damage your lips. Too high or too low temperatures can dry and crack your lips. To keep your lips beautiful, apply a moisturizer to your lips whenever you travel to bad weather.

Another tip to protect your lips is using a lip balm with an SPF of 15 or higher. Additionally, during the last few months of the year when it gets cold, prepare a lip balm with natural moisturizing ingredients to best protect your lips.

II. Choose the right lipstick to look more attractive

find the right lipstick

1. Pick a lip color that flatters your skin tone

Every girl loves a huge lipstick collection will all the latest and most fashionable shades. But if you want to leave a good impression with your lips, figure out which shades go well with your complexion.  Your best bet is to pick a few main shades for your collection, then try to mix them up to make your own unique shade that’s the most flattering for your style.

If you have tanned skin, go for a reddish brown, coral, peachy, or orange-red shade. Meanwhile, those with a pail, pink skin tone will look their best in pink shades.

2. Apply your lipstick properly

Surprisingly, not everyone knows how to best apply their lipstick.  Here’s what you should do:

Start with a thin layer of lip balm. Then, put a bit of your lipstick on the center of your lower lip, and blend carefully toward the corners of your mouth. Bring your lips together to spread lipstick to your upper lip. Blend with your finger or a lip brush to even out the color. Finally, blot with a thin tissue to help your lipstick stay on for longer. If you want a more vivid color, you may repeat this process.

3. Use a lip liner

Pick a lip liner that goes well with your lipstick. After you’ve put your lipstick on, use it to line your lips. You may draw on only a few spots where your lipstick tends to bleed, like the Cupid’s bow or the corners of your mouth, then apply a tiny bit of lip gloss.

These extra steps will help your lips look more gorgeous compared to just simply apply one layer of lipstick.

III. Stay hydrated and live healthily

1. Drink plenty of water

When your body is dehydrated, your lips may dry and cracked. To fix this, make sure you drink at least 2L of water every day. Don’t wait until you feel thirsty because by then, your body is already suffering from dehydration. For more alluring lips, switch your regular coffee or boba tea with a glass of clean, fresh water.

2. Eat well

Cereals, green vegetables, fruits, and protein-rich foods not only benefit your skin but also nourish your lips. You can also add carrots, spinach, kale, tomatoes, lentils, peas, salmon, mackerel, and other white meats to make your meals more exciting.

3. Manage cold sores

No one likes to see cold sores on their lips. These annoying lesions are also known as fever blisters. They usually flare up when you’re infected by the herpes simplex virus, particularly if you’re under great stress or have a weakened immune system. This virus may spread when you kiss someone or share certain items, foods or beverages with them.

To battle the discomfort caused by cold sores, you can apply a topical cream containing docosanol. Or, you may try putting some pure honey on the blisters.

Refrain from putting on lipsticks until your cold sores have completely healed because the ingredients in your lipsticks may make your sores worse.

4. Quit smoking

Not many Vietnamese women smoke, but this habit isn’t exactly uncommon either. Smoking darkens your lips, giving them a lifeless appearance. If you want to have beautiful lips, giving up those cigarettes is an absolute must.