You are trying many tactics for quick belly fat loss yet you might have made some mistakes that are shoving your desired results away.

The fat cells at your lower abdomen are called “beta fat” cells (or belly fat) which are very stubborn and hard to get rid of.

What will you do if you exercise regularly and maintain a balanced diet yet it doesn’t yield your desired results? Dr. … (at Thea) has explained why this happens in detail.

1. You don’t sleep well

Many things like surfing Facebook or having late-night coffee are keeping you wide awake at night. Not only does this make you feel drowsy, tired the day after but it also “steals” your bedtime, greatly affecting your weight losing process.

When we fail to get adequate sleep, the body’s hormones go off balance, which makes you feel hungry more often. This means you tend to eat more after a short sleep yet feel less satisfied. Therefore, sleep a little earlier than usual and make sure to refrain yourself from things that can “tempt” you to drop your early bedtime such as your cellphone, movies, etc.

2. You are exercising the wrong ways

A common mistake made by people who are trying to lose belly fat with exercise is solely working on their belly. This won’t help you lose the excess belly fat. Belly fat is where the body stores functioning energy. Therefore, go for full-body exercises to free energy. You can try doing squats or running to lose belly fat more quickly.

3. You are taking in too much sugar

Losing weight gets tougher if your daily diet consists of sugary foods and drinks such as pies, sodas, and chocolate. On the other hand, fruits and vegetables are very beneficial for your health and fitness if consumed in proper amounts. If you eat too much of these, you may not be able to control your weight, either.

Choosing low-sugar and low-fat foods will do you good if you aim to lose belly fat. Therefore, don’t forget to check the ingredients and their amounts on product labels.

In addition, try to cut down on starchy foods in your daily diet. This is not going to be easy for you for the first few days but think about your belly fat loss goals to keep yourself motivated.

4. You are not having enough protein

Protein is very beneficial for losing weight. It helps the body build and maintain lean muscles as well as increase burnt calories. Protein is also a great energy source that helps you feel fuller for longer. That way, you will feel less inclined to reach for extra snacks. Protein-rich foods include chicken breast, tuna, eggs, milk, and green peas.

5. You feel stressed often

Being stressed can harm the body more than you could imagine. It increases the production of the steroid hormone cortisol which heightens food cravings, especially for sugary foods. Therefore, include some sugary foods to your diet to create energy and temporary satisfaction.

Moreover, when the hormone cortisol is retained in the body for long, it causes belly fat to increase in an uncontrollable way.

6. You have unrealistic expectations

  Lose belly fat quickly

It’s reasonable to get impatient and disappointed at times when you have tried your best and not seen the results. However, realistically speaking, your weight loss results won’t be visible after only one day, night, or week. The nervous system plays a great role in controlling and adjusting the lifestyle changes and it needs time to take up new habits. It takes the body at least 8 to 12 weeks before the results from your weight loss effort can be seen.

7. You are not keeping track of your progress

The good news is there are plenty of apps and tools that can help you stick to your goals and monitor your progress, food intake, and burnt calories in a day. Another way to track your progress is jotting down your eating and exercising plan so you can stay focused and hold down your weight target more easily.

8. You follow strict diets

This mistake might sound confusing as everyone wanting to lose weight or lose belly fat thinks they have to diet hard. Nonetheless, the truth is dieting can only help you lose a few kilograms at the beginning and will not give you long-term results. When you eat too little, there won’t be enough calories for the body to function, and hence, you will feel hungry all the time. This also slows down your metabolism, which makes weight loss even harder. It is best that you establish healthy lifestyle habits and avoid forcing yourself into harsh dieting.

9. You are over exercising

The body requires a healthy balance of exercises and rest. Overexerting will delay fat metabolism. Moreover, doing too much will affect the production of cortisol, increasing fat belly.

In addition, high-intensity exercising without allowing adequate healing time poses the body at risk of injuries. Therefore, don’t push yourself into doing too much exercise and allow yourself time to rest and relax instead. This will benefit you a lot in losing belly fat.

10. You haven’t acquired the right balance of exercises

It is hard to determine which exercise is the best for losing belly fat. Nevertheless, Dr. … (at Thea) recommends doing all muscle-strengthening exercises including weight lifting, running, and using resistance bands. The most important thing is to mix up and change the exercise types so you won’t get bored.

11. You’ve lost the motivation to lose belly fat

One of the most challenging parts of losing weight is to maintain the lifestyle changes you have adopted. If you lack motivation, it’s easy to give up. Don’t let anything affect your goals of changing your weight. When you feel like you are running out of motivation, try asking a friend to exercise with you or cook a healthy meal and enjoy it together.