What is Pura Spa?

Skin Brightening is formulated to slow down melanin production and induce mild skin peeling to help resurface a fresher and lighter skin layer. It is advised to use an SPF when outdoors while undergoing service and to avoid UV exposure. Skin brightening assist consumers who want to diminish age spots, reduce excessive pigmentation and achieve an even skin tone.

The PuraBright™ skin brightening fully automatic spraying machine is a full-body approach to more luminous skin with products created to address specific characteristics that cause uneven skin tone, age spots and dullness.

We use the most advance machine from the USA and solutions to assist you to achieve a brighter skin tone we all desire.

This process guarantees deep penetration and significantly slows down melanin production, reduces dark spots and regenerates radiant and bright skin. Consecutive treatment for 2-4 weeks or over is recommended to get a more noticeable regenerating and whitening appearance.


Whether you want brighter, more youthful-looking skin or you want to look like you’ve spent a week on the beach, Pura provides complete beauty regimens that can help you achieve your desired skin tone from head-to-toe.


Get the flawless glow you want without the aging effects. The Pura booth with sunless solutions gives you a comfortable, convenient way to get the tan you want in just minutes. And our range of products means your results last even longer.


Want your bright outlook on life to shine through? With PuraBright™, you can treat your skin to a full range of products proven to provide luminous skin and reduce the look of age spots and dullness.

How Many Sessions is recommend?

It is recommended 2 – 4 time for the first 2 week follow by weekly to see a better result and recommended to continue the treatment for 4 weeks to obtain the best result, which can last up to 4-6 weeks post treatment. It is also recommended to use our Pura Bright take home product for a even better result.

Does any particular skin type respond quicker than other skin types to this service?

Yes, people with darker skin tone. Darker skin tone responds faster because the melanin level is higher and the response is noticed more quickly.

Why PuraBright™?

In Asia and Africa skin brighteners are widely used to make skin fairer. In Western countries, consumers want to diminish age spots, reduce excessive pigmentation and achieve an even skin tone. As a consequence, these markets are looking for increasingly efficient skin brighteners. At the same time, these actives must be safe for cosmetic use.

Clinically proven results in as little as two weeks!

Two to Four weeks is all it takes to achieve brighter, more luminous skin and reduce the appearance of dark and age spots. One or two sessions per week in the Pura booth with the PuraBright™ Solution is proven to deliver intense results. Daily applications of the PuraBright™ Lotion helps keep the new look longer.