For almost 3 years now and pioneered in Europe, is the expanding world wide use of Fotona lasers in many Gynecological applications. Nowadays throughout North and South America, as well as many centers in Europe, Fotona lasers is used in Gynecology for such things as management of menopausal dryness, discomfort, pain and dissatisfaction in the ability to enjoy sexual intercourse.

As women reach menopause, the protective effect of estrogen is gradually reduced and finally ceases. One of the associated features with that, locally in the vagina, is the deterioration of the mucosal lining of the vaginal wall. It becomes dry and it thins and eventually thins so much that it becomes atrophied.

As this starts to occur, the vaginal dryness impacts significantly on a woman’s sexual activity. They start to get itchiness, discomfort and pain on intercourse. This is temporarily improved at the time of intercourse by using vaginal lubricant gels, but this is unpleasant for both male and female often as this is messy and takes away from spontaneity of sexual intercourse.

The topic of vaginal rejuvenation is still fairly new in Vietnam, as many individuals are still conservative and feel that the topic is taboo. However, there is a strong interest from many ladies about this treatment as they seek to improve or elevate sexual fulfillment and enjoyment for themselves and their partners. A painless procedure, laser vaginal rejuvenation returns the vagina to a state of youthfulness by tightening it, with only minimal downtime required for this treatment.

Ladies commonly seek out this treatment if they are sexually active or have had children previously, desiring to revitalize their vagina and attain the optimum sexual experience possible. The laser rejuvenation may also be able to combat stress urinary incontinence – involuntarily urinating when sneezing, coughing or laughing. Women suffering from this condition should consult our doctors to determine whether this treatment will be able to improve their situation.

Depending on the individual, the vaginal muscle tissue may remain in a state of constant relaxation which gives ladies less tone and control over it. The perineal muscles will be drastically weakened, leaving the vagina in a less than optimum state which often leads to lower levels of sexual gratification.

This laser treatment is able to successfully improve the strength, tone and control of the vaginal muscle tissues, resulting in a tighter and rejuvenated vagina. Heat energy is emitted by the laser, which triggers the production of collagen and elastin which helps to strengthen the vaginal canal and the cervical column. After the treatment is complete, you may return to your daily routine, including work or exercise, without any worry.

The procedure is safe and simple, and can be completed over a quick 15-minute session. There are no side effects, nor bleeding or swelling as a result of the procedure. Sessions are best performed once a month, with 3-4 sessions recommended for optimal results, but this may vary from individual to individual.

At Thea Beauty Solutions, you will undergo consultation and treatment with female doctors exclusively to ensure your comfort and privacy during the process. Our doctor will address any concerns you may have as well as recommend a suitable number of sessions for your specific situation.