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Our team of experts is highly experienced in the treatment virtually all types of unwanted skin conditions, from cellulite to fat, body and face skin tightening and other methods. They’ll start with a detailed analysis of your skin and your goals.


As the only dedicated clinic in Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh City, we offer a range of services from Aesthetic Surgeries, Cosmetic Dermatology, Wellness Solution and much more.


As a premier clinic in Ho Chi Minh, we have helped numerous patients to reach their goals. View our patient before and after gallery to see a sample of our results.

Thea Beauty Solutions is one of top Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery Clinic in Vietnam that offers cosmetic, dermatology, anti-aging & wellness solution. Establish from 2013, Thea Beauty Solutions originally aims to cater to the increasing demand of local and international population for high quality services.

Our mission is to Uncover The New from nature inside You by International Beauty Solutions.

Our medical services embrace your natural beauty, inside and out. We are committed to providing you with state of the art treatments, and the highest safety protocols in place for your piece of mind.

We believe our clients are our friends and our relationship can last a lifetime. We hope your experience at Thea Beauty Solutions exceeds your expectations with superior services and quality treatments.


Each year, the field of aesthetics grows and further adapts to the demands and desires of patients. Thea Beauty Solutions always updates the latest and best aesthetic technologies that are provided by the premium brand companies from the USA. We are committed to deliver comprehensive beauty solutions based on the world's most advanced technology for our valued customers.

State-of-the-Art Treatment in a Private, Soothing Environment

Thea Beauty Solutions has three clinics in District 1, 2 and 7 and world-renowned aesthetic surgeons and cosmetic dermatologist. Under the guidance of these highly experienced doctors, the Thea Beauty Solutions upholds the highest standards of care and offers only the most effective face and body skin treatments, surgeries and International state-of-the-art technology in a unique setting that is both private and tranquil. Quite in contrast to the cold and sterile atmosphere of the typical doctor’s office, every Thea Beauty Solutions clinic is set in a warm and charming environment that will have you feeling right at home from the minute you arrive. We strive to provide patients with the most advanced treatment technologies available, without the stress and discomfort associated with medical facilities. Our commitment to this goal has distinguished us as the leading International Aesthetic center in Vietnam.

The Doctors & Experts Behind The Thea Beauty Solutions

Thea Beauty Solutions recruits famous experts and doctors with many experiences in the cosmetic services from USA, South Korea, Thailand and Singapore. Alongside dermatologists with more than 15 years experience in the field of laser treatments, to bring customers maximum results and satisfaction with the most natural and enticing beauty.

With so many establishments offering modern cosmetic treatment in a spa-like format, the doctor-patient relationship has been somewhat forgotten. The doctors and experts at Thea Beauty Solutions believe that advanced treatments must be conducted under proper medical supervision. Best results are obtained when treatment is guided by a trained specialist advising patients based on their individual needs. Under the guidance and counsel of our esteemed founding doctors, the experts at the Thea Beauty Solutions are proud to provide the best treatments Vietnam has to offer.


Specialists in Age Management

With so many advances in the field of skin care, we can now prevent and manage the effects of age more effectively then ever before. Unfortunately, with the rising popularity of cosmetic procedures and technologies we have seen a prolific increase in the marketing of cosmetic products, brands and equipment to consumers, making the subject altogether confusing, even daunting. How do you know where to start? How do you know which products and methods are right for you and which ones really do what they say they are going to do? Fortunately, our team of top experts are here to help. Through years of training and experience, our skin treatment specialists have identified the very best and most effective procedures for use in managing unwanted signs of aging skin. We keep our approach to age management simple by breaking it down into three main categories:


Any successful age management strategy is founded on effective prevention. Our skin care experts and medical aestheticians will help you to design a tailor-made skin care regimen that is customized to you and your goals, and that will have you looking your best for years to come.


Rather than pretend it isn’t happening, the subject of age must be approached with an in-depth understanding of the physical processes taking place. Only in this way can effective treatment take place. Done correctly, this treatment will slow down and offset naturally occurring changes before they become evident.


The goal of age management is not to hide or mask the signs of age, but to limit its undesirable effects and maintain a youthful appearance relative to your actual age. By targeting and addressing tell-tale lines and other signs of age, our expert skin care specialists help you look your best at any age.

Patient Testimonials

Hear what patients have to say about our services

I visited Thea Beauty Solutions Center with much anxiety. I’ve never been to an aesthetics appointment before. The office was beautifully decorated, impeccably clean, and so cozy. I was greeted by a warm and friendly staff member. After filling out a few forms, I waited no more than 60 second to be seen. I met with the consultant. She was very knowledgeable of all the services and products they offer, while not pushing any of it on me. She was informative so I felt comfortable to ask a ton of questions.

I decided that Thermage was the right thing for me. Consultant went through step by step of what to expect and she was spot on. It’s only been few days, and I’m already seeing results! So, if you’re debating on whether you should save a few bucks and go to some random place...don’t. You get what you pay for. I read reviews on about a dozen places and Thea Beauty Solutions is the best around. Best service! Best staff! Best state-of-the-art equipment! There’s nothing better.

Conditions We Treat

The Thea Beauty Solutions is the only dedicated aesthetic center in Vietnam. It is this focused approach that truly sets us apart from other medical and surgical practices that offer skin care therapies as a sideline business.

With a focus on modern skin care technologies, our highly trained and experienced skin care professionals have successfully isolated the most effective treatments for virtually any type of unwanted skin condition including:

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